Board Members

Jonathan Weyhrauch

President & Founder

Jonathan Weyhrauch is a PhD student in Environmental Engineering in the Sustainable Water Energy and Environmental Technologies lab (SWEET Lab) at Wayne State University. Prior to joining academia, he worked for many years as an engineering tech making solar cells and panels. During this time, he received a BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and a BS in Environmental Science with a concentration in resource management and sustainability from Oakland University. He then went to Wayne State University pursuing an MS in Geology. During Jon’s tenure in Geology, he worked as a research assistant studying geospatial distributions of heavy metals in urban gardens, soil health parameters of impacted urban soils, and the impact of radioactivity in urban soils on human health.

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Sean Saif

Vice President

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Charles French

IT Specialist

Charles graduated from Oakland University with a bachelor’s in Information Technology. He spends his free time doing computer programming.

Hamzah Ansari

Network Consultant


Hamzah is an avid scientist who graduated from Oakland University with a Master’s in Chemistry. He leverages his skills in geospatial and statistical software to give insightful results.  He is an avid open-source user and loves to combine different available tools to catalyze scientific hypotheses. His favorite open-source tools are QGIS(Quantum Geospatial Information System), R, Python, LaTex and GNU/Linux.

Brian Spies

Brian Spies

Volunteer and Intern Coordinator

2019 Interns

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Mohamed El-Ghoroury

Mo is entering his final semester at Oakland University studying Information Technology. Currently a senior, he has an interest in becoming a data analyst and likes the idea studying trends of businesses with the use of computer programs. In his free time he enjoys watching basketball and spending time with friends.

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Evan Hassan

Evan is a senior at Oakland University majoring in Information Technology.  He is currently in his last semester. His responsibilities include developing Reroot’s new green infrastructure website, maintaining their current site, and helping with other web-related projects. In his free time he enjoys playing musical instruments, listening to music, and practicing martial arts.

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Monica Nikollbibaj

Monica Nikollbibaj is a junior at Oakland university. She is majoring in Biology. Her responsibilities include making an indoor aquaponic system and harvesting.

Quinn Foussianes

Quinn is a senior at Oakland University studying Psychology. Her responsibilities include managing Reroot’s social media accounts, drafting grant proposals, and organizing fundraisers. Her interests include photography, music, and organic farming.

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Maria Kaljaj

Maria is a Biology major at Oakland University with a specialization in Microbiology. She primarily tends to the bees. She loves gardening, exercising, and learning new things.


Kelly Kurkowski

Kelly is a senior at Oakland University studying Information Technology. Her primary responsibility is maintaining and updating Reroot’s website. In her spare time, she enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy novels, watching horror movies, and playing video games.

Zoha Siddiqua

Zoha is a currently working on her Master’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences at Wayne State, her major being Pharmacology/Toxicology. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in June 2017 from Osmania University in India. As an international student, her free time is spent exploring the city while enjoying learning about cultural differences and histories.

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Randall Yee

Randall is currently studying Biology and Pre-med at Oakland University. His primary responsibility is building and maintaining the chicken coop. In his spare time, he plays the piano.


List of volunteers to be updated as announced.