What is Green Infrastructure?

Stormwater management practices that protect, restore, or mimic the natural water cycle process are referred to as green infrastructure (GI). Some of these practices include the use of trees and vegetation (Ex: rain gardens and green roofs) while others do not (Ex: rain barrels and permeable pavement). However, all green infrastructure does work to capture and store precipitation near where it falls so it can be managed in a way to deliver environmental, social, and economic benefits.



What is NGICP?

The National Green Infrastructure Certification Program (NGICP) is a certification program that offers a credential for GI installation, inspection, and maintenance workers that verifies that they have the required knowledge to build, inspect, and maintain sustainable GI systems. It is meant to be an entry-level certification that focuses on knowledge that is important for all three of these groups of workers to possess to carry out their job tasks properly.


For more information visit ngicp.org