Hen Wash Farm

One of the projects Reroot Pontiac is focusing on is a 0.65-acre zero-runoff community garden called Hen Wash Farm, located about the corner of Henderson and Washington streets. When completed, Hen Wash Farm will be home to a variety of vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers, onions, and potatoes that will be open to members of the Pontiac community. The garden is bordered by native plants which will reduce runoff by absorbing water into the ground. It also contains community compost bins where residents will be able to discard household and yard waste safely and effectively.

Recently Reroot Pontiac and community members worked together to complete the garden setup. As children loaded wheelbarrows with mulch, adults helped dig the remaining garden beds and distribute the mulch across the pathways. Meanwhile, one of our interns spent the day planting rows of tomato plants. Each plant had been carefully grown inside of a repurposed water bottle using seeds that were collected the previous year. As she planted, children raced up and down the pathways, watering each new tomato plant with harvested rainwater. With the hard work put forth by members of our community, we were able to finish forming plant beds and walkways, as well as nourish the newly planted tomatoes and ready the rest of the beds for some tasty nutritious veggies to grow.