Community Orchards

These lots are currently home to a community orchard where apples, cherries and plums are produced. Presently, Oakland University and Wayne State University interns are constructing an ecological design for these orchards and students and volunteers are assisting with its implementation. This means that students are learning how to install a synergistic agricultural system that considers environmental impact in its design, fostering an ecosystem that promotes healthy and productive plants and animals. Conventional agriculture systems in America use pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful methods to mass produce food which is contributing to environmental decline, global warming and depletion of natural resources. When students and community members come to these orchards, they learn about the science behind environmental interactions and how to utilize it to build sustainable systems, all while enjoying the outdoors and community building. By educating students and community members about farming, how it affects the environment, and how it can be designed in such a way that restores ecosystem function and habitat, these orchards are not only an educational tool, but they are a working model of an alternative, sustainable agricultural system.