Reroot HQ

Presently, this house is being retrofitted into an energetically and environmentally sustainable structure; it serves as an educational space and model for how to restore local ecosystems and transform blighted/older homes into sustainable structures. This home is our headquarters from where Reroot Pontiac’s projects are operated from. On this property, volunteers and interns from local academic institutions receive hands on experience in their fields by assisting us with projects, including, microgreens, construction and building design, sustainable structure implementation, small-scale aquaponics, organization management, kombucha and soap-making, harvesting and gardening. Volunteers presently reside in this home, where they receive free room and board in exchange for maintaining Reroot Pontiac projects and properties. Interns from Oakland University and Wayne State, and local volunteers are designing and transforming this home’s backyard into an outdoor community gathering space with several environmental and ecosystem restoration projects, including: a large-scale aquaponics system, a native coy pond, green infrastructure, electricity free heating system, wood-fire brick stove and rain garden. Community members and volunteers are also cleaning the land, revitalizing the soil and preparing for these outdoor installations; as we continue to transform this property into the base of operations and headquarters of Reroot Pontiac, this home is an evolving, integrative educational example of how to transform an old home into an ecological space where communities and environmental science come together for an integrative, unique learning experience.